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River Expedition

The Story: A brave, but foolhardy party of Elves and Men have forged their way upriver to discover it’s source. But they find more than they bargained for as Dwarves, angry at their mountain valley being invaded, issue forth from their caves! Game Setup Download the Map: RiverExpedition Game Version: 1.8.1 Max Players: 4 (1 […]

A Tale of 2 Cities

The Story: Divided by mountains two cities wage an eternal war. The allied  forces of the west constantly strive to fend off the destructive and evil alliance of Northeners and Undead to the East.. Game Setup Download the Map: Tale Of 2 Cities Game Version: 1.8.1 Max Players: 4 (2 allied humans vs 2 allied […]

Elven Isle

This is the first of a series of multiplayer maps I am releasing for the popular strategy game, Battle for Wesnoth. These maps have been play tested and all have a back story which may or may not fit within the Wesnoth canon universe, but serves to provide motivation and direction for the players. In […]