A Tale of 2 Cities

The Story:
Divided by mountains two cities wage an eternal war. The allied  forces of the west constantly strive to fend off the destructive and evil alliance of Northeners and Undead to the East..

Game Setup

Download the Map: Tale Of 2 Cities

Game Version: 1.8.1

Max Players: 4 (2 allied humans vs 2 allied AI (or human)

  1. Human/Elf
  2. Human/Dwarf
  3. Northerners
  4. Undead

I suggest keeping the starting conditions fairly equal for all players. A slight gold advantage to the Northerners will help them get a few early villages, important as the AI wont take villages from an opponent, and the Undead are very quick to grab them.


This is a fun map for a fairly quick game. The variety of keep locations gives the defending players some flexibility and the mountain ranges provide for some great ambush locations. If anything the Northerners can be little weak here. For a real challenge, bump up the starting gold etc for the AI and play a real defensive game trying to hold your city against the hordes.

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