A Little recognition

It’s always nice when your work is used by others. Today I was done the honour of having one of my photos used on a blog post at Meylah. It’s a funky picture taken at Roller Derby this year and I’m glad it’s getting seen. I’m also really happy that meylah were polite and credited my work, that’s all I ask for most of my images and it means a lot.

Roller Derby - Skate of Emergency

If you like this photo, take a look at some more of my Roller Derby shots from that day: ADRD Skate of Emergency

River Expedition

The Story:
A brave, but foolhardy party of Elves and Men have forged their way upriver to discover it’s source. But they find more than they bargained for as Dwarves, angry at their mountain valley being invaded, issue forth from their caves!

Game Setup

Download the Map: RiverExpedition

Game Version: 1.8.1

Max Players: 4 (1 or 2 allied elves/humans vs 2 allied Dwarves

  1. Human/Elf
  2. Human/Elf
  3. Dwarves (Kalgan Alliance)
  4. Dwarves (Kalgan Alliance)

This can be a tough map for the invaders,  players 3 and 4 have multiple exits from their mountain homes.


A tough map to play. Play tested as a single player and with another player allied. The small size of the map meant that the enemy where quickly able to launch an assault. Caves can be tricky, and it’s easy to get caught up in the narrow passages.

A Tale of 2 Cities

The Story:
Divided by mountains two cities wage an eternal war. The allied  forces of the west constantly strive to fend off the destructive and evil alliance of Northeners and Undead to the East..

Game Setup

Download the Map: Tale Of 2 Cities

Game Version: 1.8.1

Max Players: 4 (2 allied humans vs 2 allied AI (or human)

  1. Human/Elf
  2. Human/Dwarf
  3. Northerners
  4. Undead

I suggest keeping the starting conditions fairly equal for all players. A slight gold advantage to the Northerners will help them get a few early villages, important as the AI wont take villages from an opponent, and the Undead are very quick to grab them.


This is a fun map for a fairly quick game. The variety of keep locations gives the defending players some flexibility and the mountain ranges provide for some great ambush locations. If anything the Northerners can be little weak here. For a real challenge, bump up the starting gold etc for the AI and play a real defensive game trying to hold your city against the hordes.

Oakhill Farm

Nestled a short way out of Harrogate in the Adelaide Hills is Oakhill Farm. This small family owned farm sells fresh butcher killed meat to order. They have chosen TGL Multimedia to host their simple, but effective website.

Inter-Tech Education

TGL Multimedia is proud to support a local Adelaide training company, Inter-Tech Education. Inter-Tech provide training to teachers in the use of Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) and development of programs using Smartboard Notebook software.

Elven Isle

This is the first of a series of multiplayer maps I am releasing for the popular strategy game, Battle for Wesnoth. These maps have been play tested and all have a back story which may or may not fit within the Wesnoth canon universe, but serves to provide motivation and direction for the players. In future posts I’ll just launch straight into the story, but here I thought some explanation was warranted.

The Story:
With drought and famine making life had in the northern human lands the search for greener pastures is forcing two human lords south. Previously at peace they now find themselves lusting after the fertile green lands of the Elves. However, they’re not the only ones. To the west a small Dwarven enclave finds itself squeezed and to the East a Lich king has taken up residence in the swampy remains of a forgotten castle. The barren southern lands are as yet undiscovered, but rumour has it that the elves fight a constant war against those that would see their precious forests burnt and destroyed.

Game Setup

Download the Map: ElvenIsle Multiplayer Map

Game Version: 1.9.1 (Wont work on v1.8)

Max Players: 6 (2 humans vs 4 AI recommended)

  1. Human
  2. Human
  3. Elves (Rebels)
  4. Dwarves (Kalgan Allianace)
  5. Undead
  6. Orcs (Northerners)

Since the idea here is that the two human players have to work their way down the sides of the map and then up into the Elven Isle I like to give the Undead and Dwarves about the same starting conditions as the Human players. (about 200 gold) The Elves and Northerners need to be fairly well matched, and strong enough to resist rush attacks. I suggest a starting gold of about 400 to 500 and a bonus per turn. Yes, this gives them a huge advantage early on, but nothing a good player can’t overcome.


Why a post mortem? Well I believe it’s always useful to learn from your mistakes. I don’t get a lot of opportunity to rework my maps, so after one or two games I have them fairly well balanced and like to move on to the next. Of course they’re not perfect, so here I can reflect on what I like or dislike, what does or doesn’t quite work, what could be changed to improve the map or what I just plain wouldn’t do again.

Elven Isle really suffers most in the speed of the game play. The path down the sides is slow and the route fairly constricted. Though both players do tend to encounter their respective enemies at about the same time. Unfortunately player 2, once he’s defeated the Undead gets mired in the swamps and movement is just about impossible. Also, a large Merman force can pretty well dominate the map. The main change would be to rework the bottom right corner, providing faster travel across the swamp areas.